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Dacor recommends the following products to protect, clean and maintain your kitchen appliances.

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E-Cloth - Furniture Packclick here

The Furniture pack contains two cloths - the Furniture Cloth and a Glass & Polishing Cloth.  The Furniture Cloth is adapted to clean all types of furniture surfaces.  The long soft fibers draw and hold dust, pollen, direct, and even grease and oil from the deepest crevices found in furniture, cabinets, shelves, molding, blinds, etc.  The Glass & Polishing Cloth provides crystal clean, streak-free lint-free cleaning to glass, metal and plastic surfaces using just water.


E-Cloth - Glass and Polishing Packclick here

Clean, dry, polish and buff all hard surfaces - the Glass & Polishing Cloth used dry on dampened glass, chrome and stainless steel, cleans off light grime, grease and finger marks to give the perfect smear-free and lint-free finish, using just water.  No harmful chemicals are used, no chemical residue is left.

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E-Cloth - General Purpose Packclick here

Used for general cleaning - the General Purpose Cloth removes thick dirt, grease, oil, grime and over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces, using just water.  Excellent on stainless steel, countertops, glass, chrome, granite, marble, tile and wood - throughout the home, in the workplace or outdoors.  No harmful chemicals are used, no chemical residue is left.  E-cloth reduces landfill waste by significantly reducing the use of paper towels and chemical pollution by nearly eliminating the use of cleaning chemicals.

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