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36"Gas Touchtop™ Cooktops


The Dacor Discovery 36" Gas Touchtop is the first to combine the benefits of a gas cooktp with those of an electronically controlled cooktop.  All types of chefs love cooking on a gas flame because it can be seen and felt.  With a simple touch of the sleek black glass on the TouchTop, gas burners ignite,providing a controlled, safe and convenient cooking experience.

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Product Features

  • Black
Main Features
  • Exclusive TouchTop™ electronic controls combine the performance benefits of gas cooking with the convenience benefits of electronics:
    • PreciseCook™ Timers improve cooking results by preventing foods from becoming overcooked, by automatically turning burners off once the set time has expired.
    • 5 digital settings on each burner for consistent and precise flame control.
    • Single touch shut off of all burners.
    • Residual heat indicators let your know if the top is still hot to the touch.
    • Child safety lock keeps the little ones from playing where they shouldn't.
  • Five Sealed Gas Burners allow for easy clean-up:
    • (1) SimmerSear Burner (13,000 BTUs)
    • (2) Sealed Gas Burners (6,000 BTUs)
    • (1) Sealed Gas Burner (9,500 BTUs)
    • (1) Sealed Gas Simmer Burner (3,500 BTUs)
  • PermaFlame™ Technology automotically re-ignites a flame for continuous heating and uninterrupted cooking should a burner unexpectedly go out.
  • Exclusive SmartFlame Technology reduces flame contact with grate to prevent grate discoloration and increase longevity.
  • Tempered jet black Schott® glass looks great in today's kitchen and is easy to clean.
  • Removable Wok Ring included.


Ribbon Elements:

  • DYTT365GB 
    • 2 Sealed Gas Burners, 6,000 BTUs
    • 1 SimmerSear Burner, 13,000 BTUs
    • 1 Sealed Gas Burner, 9,500 BTUs
    • 1 Sealed Gas Simmer Burner. 3,500 BTUs

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width: 36 1/4"(METB365-1) / 30 1/4" (MET304)
  • Height: 4"
  • Depth: 21 1/4"


Please refer to the  Planning Guide for more detailed dimensions.


  • Electrical  240 V, 50 A (METB365-1)
  • Electrical  240 V, 40 A (MET304)


  • One year parts and labor

Complete Selection:

  • DYTT365GB  - Discovery 36" Gas Touchtop Cooktop, in Black Glass


Included Accessories
There are no accessories included with this model.
Optional Accessories
Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Elco's Glass Cleaner. Designed for use with all Dacor appliances with ceramic glass surfaces. One 10-ounce bottle per purchase.

Manuals & Guides

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