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  • Classic

46"/36"/30" Downdraft

RV46 / RV36 / RV30

Effectively remove smoke and cooking fumes at the push of a button. Vent rises 8" above the countertop to remove odors and then discreetly slides under the counter surface when not in use. Can be used for island, peninsula or wall installations. Roll over the hotspots for details.


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Product Features

  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel
  • Black
Main Features
  • Easily accesible touch of a button control features
  • Delay Timer allowing use for a preset period of time
  • Clean Filter Indicator tells you know when the filter needs to be cleaned
  • Three Speed Fan allows you to control ventilation for optimum performance and efficiency
  • Removable, Easy-to-Clean Filters
  • Designed for Low-Profile Cooktops  
  • Designed and Manufactured in California, USA


Overall Dimensions:

  • Width: 46” (RV46)
               36” (RV36)
               30” (RV30)

Please refer to  Planning Guide for more detailed dimensions.


  • Electrical: 120 V, 60 Hz, 8 A
  • Remote Blowers:
    • Internal Cabinet Blower (CABP3)
    • Remote Blower (REMP3, REMP16)


  • One year parts and labor

Complete Selection:

  • RV46S  - Renaissance 46" Raised Ventilation in Stainless Steel
  • RV46B  - Renaissance 46" Raised Ventilation in Black
  • RV36S  - Renaissance 36" Raised Ventilation in Stainless Steel
  • RV36B  - Renaissance 36" Raised Ventilation in Black
  • RV30S  - Renaissance 30" Raised Ventilation in Stainless Steel
  • RV30B  - Renaissance 30" Raised Ventilation in Black

Optional Blower Accessories:

  • CABP3  - Cabinet Blower rated at 600CFM
  • REMP16  - Remote Blower rated at 1000CFM
  • REMP3  - Remote Blower rated at 600CFM


Included Accessories
There are no accessories included with this model.
Optional Accessories
There are no optional accessories with this model.
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Summary of Customer Reviews & Ratings

46"/36"/30" Downdraft 2.3 5 10 10
Almost worthless Very good looking design. Relatively quiet for a 600 cfm fan, when using the inline fan. Maybe we're lucky, but we've had it 12 years, with I believe no maintenance. The problem is that the intake is so low it is basically useless. The top of the intake is less than 7" above the counter; most pans, even a skillet, is about that high when on a stove. We pretty much need to use the back burners for anything that we want to vent. Also means that we cannot have a back burner on simmer when the fan is on, the fan keeps blowing out (sucking out?) the flame. Dacor, and other companies, make models with a much higher rise. Pick one of those instead. January 12, 2015
This product is worthless This was already in the house we bought. The downdraft is so strong, it blows out the burners. We have an open kitchen/family room and it is so noisy, I cannot use it if we have family or company in the rooms. I guess we will have to replace it with a traditional hood. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this product. The company should offer a workable replacement. September 12, 2014
This product is not good We will replace this product with an overhead vent hood. It is a terrible product and should be removed from the market. I am an Engineer and see these products that look good but don't work. This is definitely one of those. July 7, 2014
A great conversation piece but..... When I first got this downdraft (to match my stove - which I absolutely love) it was great. But, shortly after (about 2 yrs) the downdraft stopped working. All this time I have gone without a kitchen fan. I guess from reading the other reviews that this unit has a lot of 'kinks.' June 10, 2014
Very noisy. Looking for a replacement. I have been using this vent for past 11 years. It matches with my other Dacor appliances, works good but its extremely noisy. The entire family is tired of its loudness. Requires maintenance. We are looking for a replacement. May 22, 2014
I do not recommend purchasing this. The expensive control board burned up so it has to be replaced. it is extremely noisy and very expensive although nice looking. I enjoy the stovetop it matches but the vent is not worth the money. it is also easy to drop the vent down the shaft when cleaning. You cannot retrieve it without a repair man. December 3, 2013
Not thrilled We have had this downdraft now for 3 years and have not been thrilled with it. It's loud and doesn't draft as well as a different brand that we previously had. It's not the easiest to clean either. If you're not careful you could drop the cover down into the works of the downdraft like I did and had to call the installer to help me out. I bought it because it went with our stove which I love but have been disappointed. Sorry November 18, 2013
Finish problems The stainless steel finish "bubbled" almost immediately. The ventilltion is good, but the noise level quite loud ( motor noise). It is a great design for a modern house, but just not up to par for this price, indeed for any price. November 16, 2013
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