Discovery 36" and 30" TouchTop Induction Cooktops
The future of cooking is induction and Dacor wants to welcome your kitchen to the future. The Discovery 36” and 30” TouchTop Induction Cooktops have Touch-Sensitive electronic controls for all your cooking needs, from melting chocolate to rapid boil.
Just touch and slide your finger over the power-level bar to smoothly adjust the controls, selecting from eight power levels, plus Simmer and Power Boost. Adding to your cooking capabilities, the bridge combines two cooking zones into one tandem unit that accommodates a griddle or oblong cookware. For your safety, should you need to step away from the cooktop, simply press the Pause icon. Power to all cooking zones is immediately suspended.
Environmentally friendly, Dacor’s SenseTech technology matches energy transference by detecting the presence and size of your cookware to prevent residual heat loss. And that means less heat in the kitchen.
Control, power, and energy efficiency is the future of cooking. The Discovery TouchTop Induction Cooktops bring that future home to you.
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Product Information

Product Features

  • Touch-Sensitive Electronic Controls
    Touch-Sensitive Electronic Controls

    with a power setting for every cooking need, from warming and melting chocolate to stir-frying or bringing water to a rapid boil.

  • Pause

    function, pauses cooking and re-starts at the same temperature with a simple command.

  • Bridge

    function connects two zones into on large tandem unit, linking the temperature.

More Features

  • Power Boost brings large quantities of food to cooking temeprature faster by increasing the induction element power.
  • SenseTech Induction Technology automatically detects the presence and size of your cookware and matches energy transference with no residual heat loss.
  • Power ON and OFF safety feature automatically turns the cooktop off if the unit is turned on but no pan is detected or temperature adjustments are made within 10 to 20 secons.
  • Cooking Zone Identifier helps assure that cookware is placed correctly on the cooking surface for optimum performance.
  • Child Lock prevents accidental adjustment of controls.
  • Independent Alarm Timer Sounds an alert when the preset cooking time is reached.
  • Hot Zone Warning displays the letter "H" on the cooking zone controls while the area is still warm.
  • Downdraft Compatible
  • 30" Cooktop has 5 cooking zones.


Elements: DYTT365:
  • 11" - 2,400 Watt (3,700 Watt*)
  • 8" - 1,850 Watt (3,000 Watt*)
  • 8" - 1,850 Watt (3,000 Watt*)
  • 9" - 2,300 Watt (3,700 Watt*)
  • 7" - 1,400 Watt (2,200 Watt*)

  • 9" - 2,400 Watt (3,700 Watt*)
  • 8" - 1,850 Watt (3,000 Watt*)
  • 8" - 1,850 Watt (3,000 Watt*)
  • 7" - 1,400 Watt (2,200 Watt*)
  • 5" - 1,850 Watt (3,000 Watt*)

*Wattage with Power Boost
Overall Dimensions: DYTT365:
  • Width: 36"
  • Depth: 19"
  • Height: 3 7/8"

  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 19"
  • Height: 3 7/8"
  • Electrical:  240V, 50A, 60Hz
Complete Selection:
  • DYTT365NB - Discovery 36" TouchTop Induction Cooktop - Black Glass
  • DYTT305NB - Discovery 30" TouchTop Induction Cooktop - Black Glass
  • One year parts and labor


  • AGDYTT10 Griddle
    AGDYTT10 Griddle

    Griddle is designed to fit atop Dacor TouchTop Induction Cooktop over bridge elements. 

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