30" Combination Wall Oven
Convenience and sleek style help make the most of your kitchen space with the combination oven. We've combined microwave convection, pure convection, and steam cooking into one, so you can defrost, proof, broil, and reheat with convenience and ease. The upper microwave convection oven features advanced cooking modes to sear with speed-convection or healthy-fry foods. Make juicier food, flakier crusts, and more vibrant vegetables in the lower oven, a pure convection oven with Steam-Assist. An LCD touch panel and remote Wi-Fi monitoring and control via the Smart iQ App give you precise control over the entire unit. Flush installation means only your food will stand out.
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Product Information

Product Features

  • Exclusive Four Part Dual Convection Oven
    Exclusive Four Part Dual Convection Oven

    melds heat, air, baffle, and filter to precisely distribute heat for superior cooking results..

  • Steam and Convection Oven
    Steam and Convection Oven

    has the power of steam assist and convection cooking in one.

  • Convenience of Microwave Convection
    Convenience of Microwave Convection

    and Oven Convection in one wall oven.

More Features

  • Large Oven Capacity
  • BrightVue™ uses integrated LED lights in the oven door + Halogen lights.
  • RadiantVue™ microwave lighting (LED + Metal Mesh)
  • 7" LCD Control Panel
  • Dacor iQ Kitchen App with integrated Wi-Fi to control and monitor remotely.
  • Flush Installation


Interior Capacity:
  • Oven:  4.8 ft.³
  • Microwave:  1.9  ft.³
Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 28 3/4"
  • Height: 43 1/4"
  • Depth: 24 13/32"
Please refer to the Installation Instructions for more detailed dimensions.
  • Electrical: 240V / 208V, 60Hz, 40A
Complete Selection:
  • DOC30M977DS - 30" Combi Wall Oven, Stainless Steel
  • DOC30M977DM - 30" Combi Wall Oven, Graphite Stainless Steel
  • One year parts and labor

Manuals & Guides

Download all Manuals & Guides here


  • ACSM303 - Cookie Sheets
    ACSM303 - Cookie Sheets

    Modernist Cookie Sheets (set of 3) for all range, wall oven, and combi wall oven models.

  • AMGR - GlideRack
    AMGR - GlideRack

    Modernist GlideRack for all range, wall oven, and combi wall oven models.

  • AMSAWR - Steam Assist Water Reservoir
    AMSAWR - Steam Assist Water Reservoir

    Modernist Steam Assist Water Reservoir for use with all DOP36 range models, as well as all DOB30 and DOC30 wall oven models.

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