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Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani is the owner of Café Firenze in Moorpark, California and Firenze Osteria in Toluca Lake, California.  He also was Top Chef Season 5 Fan Favorite, was the stand-out chef on Top Chef, Season 5, which was just nominated three times for the 2009 Emmys.  Fabio was on Top Chef Season 8, All Stars and as always received raves from fans.

Fabio's first cookbook, Café Firenze Cookbook, Mangia e Bevi, penned with business partner and best pal since the age of 12, Jacopo Falleni has been a huge hit with rave reviews.

Fabio began his culinary career at the early age of twelve.  Always asking for a chance to cook, he was given the opportunity two years later at fourteen when one busy night the chef cut himself badly and Fabio had the chance to prove himself.  He has never looked back.

Fabio attended Italy's Instituto Professionale per I Servizi Alberghieri in Florence, focusing on advanced Tuscan and regional cooking as well as a wide variety of specialization courses.  He spent months, sometimes working for free, at regional restaurants and abroad to learn the secrets of master chefs.  He describes his style of cooking as "Italian Comfort-styled foods".

Bringing his talent back to his hometown of Florence, Fabio co-owned and managed several high-volume Florentine restaurants.  There Fabio won awards for his dry aged steaks at the Sagra Della Bistecca Awards in Cortona and his cheese and wine selections at the 2004 Enofood Awards.

Fabio has organized food events for fashion shows by Roberto Cavalli, Alessandrini, Gucci, and others and acts as a consultant to several Florentine restaurants in the promotion of Tuscan fusion cuisine.  He is currently spokesperson for a number of high-profile products: Bertolli Olive Oil, Bertolli Frozen Soups, Match.com, San Pellegrino, Bialetti, Domino's Pizza, Yahoo.com and Santa Margherita Wines.  Fabio is now working on a signature line of food products.

Fabio has also been personal chef for American television icon, William Shatner.

As owner and Executive Chef of Café Firenze, in Moorpark, California and Firenze Osteria in Toluca Lake, California, Chef Viviani brings his Tuscan dishes and Florentine flair to Southern California.  His book, Café Firenze, Mangia e Bevi, is now available in major bookstores.  Fabio's new cookbooks, "Did I really Make Breakfast", Did I really Make Breakfast, Volume II", The Skinny Country, We The Soup & I Would Love To Meat You eBooks are now available on Amazon.com.

Outside the kitchen, Fabio enjoys soccer, fishing, and organic gardening.