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  • We Believe

    Some believe the kitchen should be a serious place, for serious work. A chef’s domain, dedicated to preparing the perfect dish. Others believe it should be treated like a gallery for gazing. A shrine to taste and style meant to be seen but never touched. In the traditional world of luxury appliances, the kitchen hasn’t changed. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has.

    We believe it’s time to remodel.

    To upgrade not just cabinets and countertops, but expectations. To throw out the old ideas of what a kitchen should be and reimagine its place in the home and purpose in our lives. A space built for entertaining. A place that’s as fun as it is functional, as spontaneous as it is stylish. An open invitation to come together and cook up not just great dishes, but engaging conversation, spontaneous laughter and new stories.

    We believe that with the right tools, the kitchen can become a stage. A place where appliances are more than just utilitarian props that cook, cool and clean. They are beautiful, intelligent co-stars designed to entice participation, invite experimentation and feed your creativity. And it’s these beliefs that guide everything we do.

    Because we believe that the last thing the world needs is another luxury appliance.

    That’s why we refuse to make them.

    Next generation creative tools from Dacor

    Let The Show Begin



    Since our founding more than 50 years ago, Dacor has tirelessly followed the principles of Techcraft to create new ways of making the time we spend with friends and family more enjoyable. Combining advanced technology with the artistry of precision craftsmanship, these principles have led us to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in the kitchen. Thinking beyond the functional purpose of the products we make, to the emotional role they play in your life. We see the kitchen as a space for togetherness, and the act of cooking and sharing meals as a way to make deeper connections, create new memories and share laughs. And it’s through these principles that we continue to imagine, innovate and lead the way forward, reinventing the idea of what an appliance should be, and what a kitchen can be, to improve performance, inspire creativity and entice collaboration.


    Our Legacy

    From day one, Dacor has introduced meaningful innovations that have changed the way kitchens are designed and all luxury appliances are made: