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Our Products

  1. Ranges

    Discover an array of ranges that are as beautiful as they are exceptional.  Each designed with an uncompromising level of quality and style.  All engineered with must-have features to help raise your culinary skills to an art form.

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  2. Rangetop

    These are sleek and elegant rangetops, combining precision control with unrivaled power and versatility for the ultimate culinary experience. If you’re the kind of host who has a passion for cooking and entertaining, then you know how important it is to have a rangetop that performs just as beautifully as it looks. From simmer to sear, we’ve designed them with burner controls that accurately keep their temperatures, from ultra-high to ultra-low. From simple dishes to haute cuisine.

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  3. Cooktops

    From simmer to sear, every chef needs precise control in the kitchen.  It's why we've designed our cooktops with burner controls that accurately keep their temperatures, from ultra-high to ultra-low.  From simple dishes to haute cuisine.

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  4. Wall Ovens

    It's the details that set Dacor Ovens apart.  Like multiple cooking modes for greater precision.  Or baffle filters that circulate air so flavors don't transfer.  And don't forget the Discovery iQ remote app to access your oven from your smart phone.  Now you can be truly connected to your kitchen.

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  5. Ventilation

    We've engineered impressive details into each and every ventilation hood.  Starting with powerful and quiet fans that know when to turn themselves on.  Or dual motors that give you the performance you demand.  And, of course, your choice of hood configuration - wall, chimney or island  - adds the finishing touch to any gourmet kitchen.

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  6. Microwaves

    From standard to convection models.  From built-in to countertop designs.  Every Dacor Microwave combines speed and convenience to ensure every member of the family can cook like a pro.

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  7. Warming Drawers

    For the gourmet, our warming drawers are the perfect kitchen companion.  You decide exactly how warm (or hot) you want your food to be.  So a six-course meal comes out smoothly and deliciously - even with the unexpected preparation pause.

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  8. Refrigeration

    The design is fridge on top and freezer on the bottom.  But there's so much more.  Two-door or four-door?  Stainless steel or panel-ready?  Compressor on the top or on the bottom?  Pro Style or Epicure Style handle?  Whichever model you choose, you can be sure the styles are totally, well, cool.  And so are the foods inside.

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  9. Wine & Beverage

    The Discovery WineStation® is the first automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. The connoisseur can choose the right wine and just the right amount - a taste, a half glass or a full glass - with the touch of a finger . A perfect addition to your home, in the kitchen, bar, den, game room or wine cellar, the Dacor Discovery WineStation maintains the freshness of your favorite wine selections for up to 60 days without the loss of flavor or natural aroma.

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  10. Dishwashers

    You've done all the cooking.  Now let Dacor do the dishes.  Our complete line of dishwashers makes it easy, with features like adjustable racks, inntuitive sensors, and whisper-quiet operation.

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  11. Outdoor

    If you're passionate about outdoor living and entertaining, we have the grill for you.  With the power and precision you demand, whether you're cooking filet mignon or pepper-encrusted salmon.  Built for the grill master in all of us.

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  12. Accessories

    From griddles to baking stones, oven glide racks to simmer plates and woks.  There's no telling what extra help you'll need in the kitchen.  That's why Dacor engineers created the perfect accessories to make sure you always have the right utensile at hand.

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    Discovery Series

    The Discovery® Series feeds your appetite for the best. A combination of technology and craftsmanship with the latest in culinary enhancements. Because it isn't just cooking - it's performance art.

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    Renaissance Series

    The Renaissance® Series offers style and features that allow you to create consistent family favorites and explore uncharted culinary territory.

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    Distinctive Series

    The Distinctive® Series combines the best of modern design with premium performance - it's the perfect introduction to your luxury kitchen.

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    Modernist Series

    The New Modernist Line by Dacor.

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  2. Renaissance
  3. Distinctive
  4. Modernist
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    Design Gallery

    Each year, celebrated interior designers transform a luxury Manhattan home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art and technology. This all began in 1973 when several dedicated supporters of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club launched the Kips Bay Decorator Show House to raise critical funds for much needed after school and enrichment programs for New York City children. Over the course of four decades, this project has grown into a must-see event for thousands of design enthusiasts and is renowned for sparking interior design trends throughout the world.

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    Design Center

    Dacor has an exquisite Design & Culinary Center in San Francisco, California. Come see our extraordinary line of appliances, experience the details and get inspired. With a timeless design and classic beauty, the Distinctive Wall Oven not only enhances your kitchen design, but your cooking results as well. With large oven cells, innovative cooking technologies such as Pure Convection, Recessed Broil and Hidden Bake Elements, along with an elegant.

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    Design Tools

    Create your own personal kitchen designs easily with a new generation of web-based design tools from Google and Autodesk®. Like Dacor's Exclusive Bead-Blasted, PermaClean™  Finish on a one-piece sealed spill basin that makes cleaning easy and keeps the cooktop scratch-free. With a timeless design and classic beauty, the Distinctive Wall Oven not only enhances your kitchen design, but your cooking results as well. With large oven cells, innovative cooking.

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