Do I need special pots and pans for a convection oven?
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Convection Oven Buying Tips and FAQ

Do I need special pots and pans for a convection oven?


No, you do not need special cookware. Some cookware, however, will work better than others in a convection oven. Light-colored or bright aluminum would be the best bakeware. Anodized finishes on bakeware can cause foods to brown too quickly. Nonstick finishes over aluminum bakeware will work fine.

Earthenware, ceramic dishes, and some glass dishes are not efficient at conducting heat, so they require the use of the bottom element. Convection Bake™ would be a great mode for this type of cookware. Cast iron pans can also be used with this mode since they also need bottom heat. As far as roasting, there is one special item you will need - a V-shaped roasting rack that fits inside a roasting pan. There are large ones for turkeys and roasts, and smaller, adjustable ones for chickens and smaller cuts of meat. It is very important to lift the roast off of the bottom of the pan so that the convection air circulates all the way around it. This will not only give you a better sear, it will enable the top to cook at the same rate as the bottom. If you do not have a roasting rack, make a rack out of large-diced carrots, celery, and onions. You will need enough to cover 2" on the bottom of a 3" pan. Not only will this raise the roast up, it will add flavor.