What foods cook best on Convection Broil™?
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What foods cook best on Convection Broil™?


Convection Broil™ mode is available on RSD30 ranges, RSE30 ranges, and the lower oven of a double convection wall oven (ECD30, PCD30, MCD230, ECD227, PCD227, MCD227). Seafood cooks wonderfully on Convection Broil™. It gets a nice sear and cooks through. Since it usually requires shorter cooking time than thicker foods, such as steak, Convection Broil™ will cook fish without having to flip it, which means it will not flake apart. Vegetables cut small will also cook well on Convection Broil™. Garlic bread is great on Convection Broil™; it allows the butter to soak in the bread without burning too quickly.