How does the probe work?
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Convection Oven Buying Tips and FAQ

How does the probe work?


  • The probe is made of high-temperature plastic and a stainless steel stem.
  • The stem measures 4 3/4".
  • The oven goes through preheat without the probe inserted, then once the preheat has toned, hit "Probe," then the up arrow to set the desired probe temperature.
  • The temperature range that the probe will read is from 100 to 200°F.
  • When setting the probe temperature, it will automatically default to 160°F. Use the up or down arrows to set the desired temperature.
  • The probe plugs in the left side of the oven cavity.
  • After the probe has been inserted into the food, the temperature will default to 100°F (even if the food has not reached that temperature yet), and the temperature will climb up in 1°F increments until it reaches the set temperature.
  • A tone will sound when the set temperature is reached.
  • The oven will shut off after the food has reached the desired temperature and will hold it at 150°F. The residual heat of the oven, however, will cause the temperature in the food to continue to climb. If you are not present to remove the food, it can easily overcook.
  • The probe does not withstand self-cleaning temperatures and should not be left in the oven.
  • Display will flash and beep "PRB" if probe is not inserted properly after setting the probe temperature.
  • Correct places to place the probe stem:
    • Do not place the probe near the bone or in the fat of the meat. It should be placed in the meatiest part.
    • It is best to put it in dark meat as piercing white can cause the meat to dry out.
    • Do not remove the probe and reinsert it. This will also cause the meat to dry out.