Dacor Kitchen Appliances: Product Manuals And Specifications
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Download Dacor manuals, guides and documents online

Download Dacor manuals, guides and documents online

Manuals & Specs

Need specifications for a Dacor appliance? No problem. Easily download what you are looking for here, including Planning Guides, Use and Care Manuals, Installation Instructions and Reference Guides.

Download our complete  Planning Guide for the full suite of our appliance specifications.

Download DWG TrueView  

DWGDWG™ technology from Autodesk is the original and accurate way to store and share design data when working with AutoCAD software.   Download DWG TruView™ to accurately view, plot, and publish authentic DWG files.

Download the Dacor/20-20 DesignTM Catalog

Dacor/20-20 Design CatalogAt Dacor, we’re as passionate about the details as you are. That’s why we’re excited to present the new Dacor/20-20 Design Catalog - with even more appliances including the recently introduced Renaissance family, built-in and freestanding refrigerators and ventilation hoods. Download our design catalog today and easily present your vision of a Dacor kitchen in the most detailed fashion. For use with 20-20 Design software Version 8.1 or higher, downloadable at www.2020.net. Contact 20-20 Technologies for software assistance: call 1-899-697-2020 or email support@2020.net.


Model # Ventilation Show/Hide Downloads  
DHI542 / DHI482 / DHI421 / DHI361 / DHICH - Chimney Only Discovery Island Hood + Show Downloads
ERV48 / ERV48-ER / ERV36-ER Renaissance Epicure Raised Vents + Show Downloads
IVS1 / IVSR1 / IVS2 / IVSR2 Renaissance Integrated Ventilation System + Show Downloads
PHW / PHG36 / PHG30 Discovery Glass Wall Hood + Show Downloads
PRV46 / PRV36 / PRV30 Renaissance Slim Raised Vent + Show Downloads
DHW482 / DHW421 / DHW361 / DHW301 Discovery Chimney Hood + Show Downloads
RV46 / RV36 / RV30 Renaissance Raised Ventilation + Show Downloads
CABP3 Renaissance Cabinet Blower + Show Downloads
IHL54 / IHL48 / IHL42 / IHL36 / IHL30 Renaissance Integrated Hood Liners + Show Downloads
MTHW Millennia Hood + Show Downloads
MHTI Millennia Hood(2) + Show Downloads
ILB10 / ILB8 ILB Blowers + Show Downloads
EHD/EHDR54 / EHD/EHDR48 / EHD/EHDR42 / EHD/EHDR36 / EHD/EHDR30 Epicure Classic Wall Hoods + Show Downloads
MHD4818 / MHD3618 / MHD3018 / MHD4809 / MHD3609 / MHD3009 Millennia Classic Wall Hoods + Show Downloads
REMP16 / REMP3 Renaissance Remote Blowers + Show Downloads
ILHSF10 / ILHSF8 Renaissance In Line High Speed Fan + Show Downloads
PCOR30 Discovery 30'' Over The Range Convection Microwave Hood + Show Downloads
PMOR3021 Renaissance 30'' Over The Range Microwave Hood + Show Downloads
EH5418 / EH4818 / EH4218 / EH3618 / EH3018 / EH4812 / EH4212 / EH3612 / EH3012 / EHR5418 / EHR4818 / EHR4218 / EHR3618 / EHR3018 / EHR4812 / EHR4212 / EHR3612 / EHR3012 Renaissance 18'' and 12'' Epicure Wall Hoods + Show Downloads
MH4818 / MH3618 / MH3018 / MH4812 / MH3612 / MH3012 Renaissance 18'' and 12'' Millennia Wall Hoods + Show Downloads
ERV3615 / ERV3015 Renaissance 36'' and 30'' x15'' Epicure Raised Vent + Show Downloads
ERV36 / ERV30 Renaissance Epicure Raised Vents_ERV36 and ERV30 Models Only + Show Downloads
ERV3615 / ERV3015 / ERV36-ER / ERV48-ER / ERV48 / PRV46 / PRV36 / PRV30 Renaissance Downdraft + Show Downloads
RV46 / RV36 / RV30 Classic Downdraft + Show Downloads