In Line High Speed Fan ILHSF10 / ILHSF8

In Line High Speed Fan


These ultra-high performance In-Line Blowers easily remove the most persistent and dense pollutants from your kitchen - from heat and odor to steam and smoke.  Our ILHSF10 model is exceptionally heavy-duty, and best used for large, luxury kitchens with complex ventilation systems.  The ILHSF8 model is powerful enough to be used as a stand-alone blower and ideal for long duct runs and/or multiple transitions.  Both are recommended for any Renaissance Remote Ventilation System.

Product Features

Main Features
  • ILHSF10 In-line Blower
    • 1100 CFM (1116 CFM at 0.0" static pressure)
    • 10” intake and exhaust collar
  • ILHSF8 In-line Blower
    • 600 CFM (650 CFM at 0.0" static pressure)
    • 8” intake and exhaust collar


Overall Dimensions:

  • ILHSF10 In-line Blower
    • Width:  15 3/4"
    • Height:  16"
    • Depth:  19"
  • ILHSF8 In-line Blower
    • Width:  13"
    • Height:  13"
    • Depth:  16 1/2"

Designed to be mounted in-line with the ducting installation.
Please refer to the  Planning Guide for mode detailed dimensions.

Complete Selection:

  • ILHSF10  - Renaissance In-Line Hi-Speed Fan 1100CFM
  • ILHSF8  - Renaissance In-Line Hi-Speed Fan 600CFM


Included Accessories
There are no accessories included with this model.
Optional Accessories
Dacor is in the Details