Our Story

Our Story

We Believe

  • Some believe the kitchen should be a serious place, for serious work. A chef’s domain, dedicated to preparing the perfect dish. Others believe it should be treated like a gallery for gazing. A shrine to taste and style meant to be seen but never touched. In the traditional world of luxury appliances, the kitchen hasn’t changed. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has.

  • We believe it’s time to remodel.

  • To upgrade not just cabinets and countertops, but expectations. To throw out the old ideas of what a kitchen should be and reimagine its place in the home and purpose in our lives. A space built for entertaining. A place that’s as fun as it is functional, as spontaneous as it is stylish. An open invitation to come together and cook up not just great dishes, but engaging conversation, spontaneous laughter and new stories.

  • We believe that with the right tools, the kitchen can become a stage. A place where appliances are more than just utilitarian props that cook, cool and clean. They are beautiful, intelligent co-stars designed to entice participation, invite experimentation and feed your creativity. And it’s these beliefs that guide everything we do.

  • Because we believe that the last thing the world needs is another luxury appliance.

  • That’s why we refuse to make them.

  • Next generation creative tools from Dacor

  • Let The Show Begin

Our Legacy

From day one, Dacor has introduced meaningful innovations that have changed the way kitchens are designed and all luxury appliances are made:

  • 1948

    • Stanthony Corp founded by Stan and Anthony Joseph Self-Contained Ventilation Hood
      First complete system for residential market

  • 1957

    • Indoor Electric BBQ
      Patented indoor barbeque for year-round use

  • 1965

    • The birth of Distinctive Appliances Incorporated - Dacor

  • 1975

    • Six-burner modular cooking system

  • 1977

    • Full-Sized, Self-Cleaning, Drop-In Modular Range

  • 1980

    • Microwave Oven/Ventilation Hood Shelf

  • 1981

    • Modular Cooking System with Overhead or Downdraft Ventilation

  • 1982

    • Full-Size, Self-Cleaning, Drop-In & Free Standing Modular Range

  • 1984

    • Solid Burner Module

  • 1985

    • Four & Six-Burner Gas Cooktops with Overhead or Downdraft Ventilation

  • 1987

    • 30" Pure Convection & Self-Cleaning Wall Oven for Wall or Under The Counter Insllations

  • 1989

    • Five Burner, Sealed-Gas, Glass Cooktop Monochromatic Styling Ceran Glass Cooktop Module with Halogen/Quick Start Elements

  • 1990

    • Five-Burner Ceran Cooktop with Halogen Elements Raised Ventilation Downdraft System with Electronic Controls

  • 1991

    • 30" Double Wall, Pure Convection & Self-Cleaning Oven

  • 1993

    • 27" and 30" Double Electric Wall Oven with Two (Larger) Pure Convection Cells
      Dual-Fuel Gas & Electric Cooktop Cooking

  • 1994

    • 27" Warming Oven

  • 1995

    • Four-Sided Beveled Glass Electronic Cooktop with "Touch Controls"
      The Dacor Great - A 14" Grate Allowing for a 40% Larger Cooking Surface

  • 1996

    • An All Gas Convection 30" Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
      48" Cooktop with a One-Piece, Easy-To-Clean Spill Basin & Sealed Burners

  • 1997

    • World's First Patented Infrared Ceramic Gas Broiler Inside a Pure Convection Self-Cleaning Electric Oven

  • 1999

    • Introduction of a Butterfly Bake Element

  • 2001

    • First Outdoor Grill with Halogen Lights
      First "Fully" Integrated Warming Oven

  • 2002

    • Epicure 52" Outdoor Grill

  • 2003

    • Largest Capacity Dishwasher in The Industry (30" Wide)

  • 2005

    • Wall Oven Discovery Controller
      SG Cookware Collection

  • 2013

    • Discovery iQ Wall Oven - First smart oven with an integrated wireless tablet, creating the connected kitchen

  • 2016

    • Samsung acquired Dacor

  • 2017

    • Modernist Collection


Performance worthy of a standing ovation.

  • Green Builder Media Hot 50 Product

    Green Builder Media Hot 50 Product

    2017 Hot 50 Products 2017-04-17
  • ASTI Partnership Award

    ASTI Partnership Award

    2017 Partnership Award 2017-03-24
  • Twice


    2017 VIP Award Winner, Ovens, Ranges & Cooktops 2017-08-21
  • ASTI Partnership Award

    ASTI Partnership Award

    2016 Partnership Award 2016-05-06
  • EPA Energy Star Emerging Technology Award

    EPA Energy Star Emerging Technology Award

    Emerging Technology Award for Innovative Refrigerant Systems 2016-04-08
  • ASTI Partnership Award

    ASTI Partnership Award

    2015 Partnership Award 2015-02-25
  • ASTI Partnership Award

    ASTI Partnership Award

    2014 Partnership Award 2014-03-14
  • Best of CES Home

    Best of CES Home

    Best of Home 2014 2014-01-14
  • Best of KBIS

    Best of KBIS

    Best of KBIS 2014 2014-02-04
  • ASTI Partnership Award

    ASTI Partnership Award

    2013 Partnership Award 2013-03-14
  • Better Business Bureau

    Better Business Bureau

    A+ Rating 2013-01-11
  • Houzz


    Top 5 Rank 2013-02-12
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