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The 4 Kitchens

A collaboration between Dacor and Architectural Digest, we set out to explore and uncover the major factors influencing today’s kitchen designs and style. 

There have been seismic shifts in values and attitudes among modern affluents, which has impacted the way they see and behave in the luxury kitchen. The kitchen is now considered the most important room in the home, no longer just a place to cook and clean. It is where we gather, work, dream, and connect with those who matter the most. It is also where we live most authentically…the place where our passions, obsessions, and aspirations can be seen most clearly. It is the ultimate canvas of self – a highly curated expression of not only our style, but a representation of our lifestyle, experiences, and dreams.

At Dacor, we see the curation of the luxury kitchen as the quintessential expression of modern culture and the essence of how we live and dream. We invite you to explore this through our Dacor kitchens that express the lives of the New Affluent Customer in four distinct modes, through the emerging interior design directions of 2018.